The school takes special care to select and identify books that support our educational philosophy and simultaneously equip our students to be at par with desirably scholarly levels. Textbooks and recommended readings are available from the school bookstore. Stationery kits are available for Nursery, Kindergarten and class I students and placed in the responsibility of the respective class teachers. Stationary for all other students may also be purchased from the school bookstore.

Teacher Support

Teacher support and development is considered to be the backbone of the work at St. Joseph. For a teacher to be effective, it is important that we recognize the factors that permit teachers to perform their roles effectively and those that do not.
Careful selection of trained teachers is followed by a strong teacher development and support programme. A well designed in service training programme provides opportunities for teachers.

School Transport

The school has a reliable arrangement with contractors who provide transport to pick children from near their homes and drop them at same point at the end of the school day.

The bus fee is calculated for eleven months of the year, as per the number of users each year.

The school provides transport to students on official request.