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The following rules are imposed for all.

  • Uses of Mobiles are strictly prohibited in school premises.
  • Do not walk or run during the working hours of school.
  • Respect all the teachers & your elders, talk to them in gentle tone.
  • School dress code is also a disciplinary action, therefore you put on school dress otherwise you will consider a defaulter student.
  • Your attendance must be 75% School bus in for your conveince therefore you do not try to tear bus seat & its accessories.

Pattern CCE

  • Today it’s mandatory in private school that the education is essential for those who want to adopt their best career.
  • It has a wide scope for the pupils who undergo this school syllabus.
  • School is totally based on CCE pattern which is imposed with immediate effect by the Central Govt.
  • Of India. And the Board is firm to follow this CCE pattern examination from the affiliated school.